When you first started your career, how did you know you were ready and what made you start? I was turning 36 and my boys were in elementary school fulltime. I needed something for myself and always wanted to be an Interior Designer but never had the courage to pursue it. I came across an ad in the paper for an Interior Design Diploma program and went to the introductory meeting. That was it! I registered and started in September. What or who has been your greatest influence in business? My husband John. He is a true entrepreneur and has had multiple businesses over his lifetime. John has always been the anchor that grounds me when I don’t know how to deal with a situation. What is your number one business goal to accomplish this year? To make our cabinetry line better well known. What do you have going on that you’d like to share? I have hired a business coach and have fallen back in love with working on the business. It could not have come at a better with the uncertainty of the market. We have introduced new processes and procedures and excited about our upcoming projects Where do you see yourself in five years? How do you envision your future? I will be doing less design and more keeping the business steam rolling ahead. I envision more work-life balance with a four day work week having more playtime What is your favourite thing about what you do in your career and why? Definitely relationships! There is nothing more rewarding than fulfilling a clients dreams and then seeing how happy there are at the end of the project. We also have great relationship with all our suppliers and I am so grateful to have great people to rely on. Do you have a mantra or phrase you live by? What is it? Yes, think it, believe it and watch it happen What is your number one priority when it comes to your career and daily work? I am sure this is over-said but taking care of our clients. We get to know our clients on a very personal level when working on their projects, so I need to know they are taken care of What keeps you motivated on a daily basis? Knowing I have people to take care of including family, my team and clients.